Independent Diplomat offers internships, lasting 4-6 months, to exceptional applicants seeking a rewarding, hands-on experience in all aspects of an NGO dealing with international relations. Independent Diplomat recruits year-round for internships. Please check our employment page for instructions on how to apply.

Current interns

Irene Carpini – London, 2016

Irene joined ID in September 2016. Before joining ID, she spent almost 2 years with Crisis Action between the London and Brussels office, working primarily on their Syria campaign. In Brussels she focused on EU advocacy, acquiring experience working with the EU Institutions and the Member States, and on communication and media, engaging with media actors both at the EU level and in Member States.

Irene obtained a Master’s degree in International and Diplomatic Affair from the University of Bologna, and she studied at the University of Florence prior to that. She spent the last months of her Master’s degree at Columbia University, doing research for her Master’s thesis which focused on UN peacekeeping missions in civil war contexts. After that, she spent a year as an intern within the UN system working on development issues and later Palestinian refugees. At the UN she focused on advocacy and communication while at the same time Irene was a contributor to the Beyond Violence blog, an NGO campaigning for nonviolent conflict resolution.

Irene speaks fluent English, French and Italian, which is her mother tongue.

Matt Edbrooke – A. Whitney Ellsworth Fellow, London 2015-16

Matt joined ID in December 2015, having recently completed an MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy at the University of Oxford. As part of this course, he wrote a dissertation that focused on the growing obligations of non-state actors in the international human rights regime, using case studies located in Kosovo and Somalia. This focus on the politics of international law is also reflected in his undergraduate dissertation, which looked to explain how the International Criminal Court could close the enforcement gaps that its structure allows for, based on case studies from Kenya and the DRC.

Prior to and in between these degrees, Matt interned for REDRESS, a human rights NGO that seeks justice for victims of torture, and for a number of MPs and other organisations based in Westminster, where he produced research reports in conjunction with UN and other intergovernmental staff. When he’s not in the office, Matt runs a blog, Beyond the State, which builds on the topic of his Master’s dissertation.


Arianna Faraco – Brussels 2015-16

Arianna joined ID in January 2015. In 2014, she obtained a Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs at University of Bologna Italy, where she focused on security issues in South-East Asia. Her dissertation was the result of a six-month research project in Myanmar where she analyzed the triangular relationship between Yangon, Beijing and Washington from a security prospective. Previously, she obtained a First Class Honors Degree in Political Science at University of Roma Tre.

Before joining ID, Arianna served as Operations Assistant at the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. She also worked for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, where she significantly strengthened her diplomatic and negotiation skills. During her studies, she interned at a local NGO in Yangon where she participated in a series of lectures on International Relations Theories. Arianna is also a contributing writer for an Italian online journal.

Arianna is an Italian native speaker and she also speaks English, French and Spanish.

Joanna MacGregor – London, 2016

Joanna joined ID in September 2016. She recently completed her Master’s degree in Global Governance and Diplomacy at Oxford University, where her thesis focused on how climate change adaptation programs can be made conflict-sensitive. In order to conduct this research she carried out extensive fieldwork in the Greater Mekong Region, mostly in Myanmar and Vietnam. She graduated with a distinction from her undergraduate degree in Politics and International Relations in which most of her studies focused on the governance of peacebuilding and statebuilding. During this time she also spent a year at 外交学院 (China Foreign Affairs University) studying Chinese foreign policy and basic Mandarin.

Joanna has a multi-disciplinary background in the development sector, previously holding the position of Deployment Manager for an international education foundation. This role saw her manage a team in London to deliver education technology to underprivileged children in Laos, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Colombia, where she was deployed to train the new office. During her time in Beijing, Joanna interned at the UN High Commission for Refugees, becoming the first point of contact for asylum seekers registering in China. This role included advising persons of concern of their security situation, status and rights whilst in China.

For the past six years Joanna has volunteered for peacebuilding organizations such as International Alert. She is a keen sportswoman, and after a knee reconstruction surgery in late 2015 is looking forward to getting back in action. She is a British Citizen who grew up in the DC area.