ID Weekly View: Justice for Women and Children in Darfur

November 1, 2016 · posted by id_webmaster in ID Newsletters



Why it Matters: Last week at the ‘Annual Symposium on Women and Genocide in the 21st Century: the Case of Darfur,’ survivors of genocide and rape called on the world to end the impunity and stop the violence against women and children in Darfur. The ongoing genocide in Darfur is being carried out by the “Janjaweed” – government-sponsored Arab militias which systematically murder and torture civilians and rape women and girls. As ID’s Mona Khalil said to the symposium, “more than 10 years after UN sanctions and the ICC indictment of Sudanese President al-Bashir, there is still no justice for the victims and no accountability for the perpetrators.” Independent Diplomat is proud to work with the Darfur Women Action Group to take their message to the world.