Many groups and governments are at a profound disadvantage in international diplomacy.  Due to a combination of inexperience and lack of resources, they are unable to put their views across effectively in bilateral and multilateral negotiations and, as a result, are routinely denied their legitimate voice.  This is not only unfair, but too often produces unsustainable agreements that, by failing to take everyone’s interests into account, contribute to instability and violent conflict.  ID helps to level the diplomatic playing field. 

Independent Diplomat was founded in 2004 by former British diplomat Carne Ross to remedy this “diplomatic deficit” and to open the closed doors of an international diplomatic system that has historically favored the more powerful and influential.  Focusing in particular on conflict areas and other issues under discussion at the UN, ID delivers advice and assistance across the three pillars of contemporary diplomacy: political and diplomatic strategy, international law and public diplomacy.

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Independent Diplomat is a unique non-profit venture in the world of international relations, diplomacy and conflict prevention. ID delivers advice and assistance to governments, political groups and NGOs across the three pillars of contemporary diplomacy: political and diplomatic strategy, international law and public diplomacy. Independent Diplomat works inside the diplomatic system to ensure that the voices of the people most affected by international decisions are heard in the negotiations about their futures. By promoting greater inclusiveness and accountability in foreign policy-making, our work contributes to more just and sustainable solutions to international problems, whether preventing conflict or limiting climate change. ID is an independent organization, and only works with those who support democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

  • Independent Diplomat is the only organization, for profit or non-profit, that advises countries and political movements worldwide on diplomatic strategy to prevent conflict and solve global problems.
  • ID makes an impact in helping to provide diplomatic solutions to conflicts when no other option but diplomacy can resolve it.
  • We are helping to amplify the voices of those people who have most at stake in conflict, and who otherwise would not be heard.
  • Our expert staff is turning ideals into hard-edged, professional diplomatic action.
  • Our work is making a significant contribution to global peace and security.

Impact of Independent Diplomat

ID is fostering a fundamental shift in the heart of state-to-state diplomacy, enabling governments, political movements and groups to have a seat at the table where before they were not even allowed in the room. Through strategic counsel and advice, ID is helping our beneficiaries to achieve their objectives and score significant diplomatic victories.