Thomson Reuters Foundation: Somaliland drought “a kind of nightmare” – and a security threat: minister

May 9, 2017 · posted by id_webmaster in General

ID’s Michael Higgins quoted in an article on the potential for drought in Somaliland to worsen security threats in the Horn of Africa.

Experts fear growing migration and other social and financial stresses in Somaliland could undermine its role in preventing the spread of Islamic militant groups in the Horn of Africa.

“The displacement and dislocation due to the drought is not only a humanitarian disaster but threatens the social fabric of society,” said Michael Higgins of Independent Diplomat, a non-profit advisory group that works with Somaliland’s government to improve its diplomatic efforts.

That “could in turn disrupt security in the entire Horn of Africa region where Somaliland is acting as a buffer and bulwark against Islamic militants such as al Shabaab,” Higgins said.

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