Since 2004, ID has worked with disadvantaged and vulnerable groups to help them achieve their political goals through diplomacy. We provide advice and assistance in diplomatic strategy and technique to governments and political groups that are committed to human rights, democracy and international law, using a variety of working methods:

Intelligence Gathering and Direct Diplomacy

Through direct diplomatic engagement with capitals across the globe and at the United Nations, we often works behind the scenes – to gather intelligence, understand power dynamics, inform engagement strategies and provide direct input into drafting and policy-making for our partners.

Diplomatic Outreach

We support and facilitate meetings between civil society groups and governments, UN officials, and Member States of the UN and EU. Such visits include bilateral and multilateral meetings, public events, and coaching. Between visits, ID works with groups to draft and transmit diplomatic materials to policymakers – including letters, press releases and position papers.

Public Diplomacy

We help our beneficiaries to drive the narrative and shape policy. We do this by employing a broad array of media and digital tools, including strategic use of speeches and talking points, op-eds, interviews, background briefings, communiqués, statements, social media campaigns, content creation and events. 

Coalition Building

Together we are stronger which is why we strive to create a common platform among groups working on similar policy positions, as well as building coalitions to ensure broad cohesive messages on diplomatic goals. These coalitions can either stand as a private network of trust and cooperation to influence negotiations, or evolve further to break up traditional negotiating blocs.

Capacity Building

Thanks to our network of experts we offer training courses and workshops on a range of subjects including international law, negotiating skills and tactics, and media.