Independent Diplomat (ID), founded in 2004 by former British diplomat Carne Ross, is an innovative venture in the world of international relations. Independent Diplomat’s staff comprises experienced former diplomats, international lawyers and other experts in international relations. ID’s advice is impartial and its staff members have no allegiance or affiliation to other governments or institutions.

Independent Diplomat works with a broad network of individuals and organisations, including law firms and universities, who support and assist our work on a pro bono basis.

Independent Diplomat holds itself and its beneficiaries to strict ethical standards.  It requires its beneficiaries to be committed to democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

ID is a non-profit organisation supported by donations from foundations, governments and individual donors.  Our work for the least wealthy countries, which are often the most marginalised, only happens thanks to support from our donors.

Dymaxion Map (pictured above) © 2002 Buckminster Fuller Institute and Jim Knighton.
Coordinate transformation software written by Robert W. Gray and modified by Jim Knighton.
Dymaxion Map was created by the Buckminster Fuller Institute.


“ID goes where conventional diplomacy cannot or will not. Its advice helps marginalized peoples raise their voices in the halls of diplomatic
power, to produce better and more just decisions.”

-Gareth Evans, Former Australian Foreign Minister