Meet the Parties

Strengthening the multilateral system’s ability to prevent emerging threats

Amid a rapidly changing political and security landscape, multilateral diplomacy offers critical tools to mediate conflicts, preempt their emergence and prevent their escalation. There is growing recognition that the UN Security Council’s success in upholding international peace and security depends on the Council’s ability to identify and mediate conflicts between parties before they emerge or escalate. But the UN Security Council lacks an effective mechanism through which to consult the full range of parties involved in a conflict and too often, is singularly focused on engagement between States to address crises. Independent Diplomat’s Meet the Parties project aims to address this diplomatic deficit by creating an impartial, confidential platform for members of the UN Security Council to engage with nonstate actors multilaterally. Through regular working-level meetings held between the Security Council and nonstate actors, Meet the Parties creates opportunities for frank and substantive discussion on issues that are central to the Council’s agenda. In so doing, Meet the Parties works to strengthen the multilateral system’s ability to prevent emerging threats, mediate disputes and address the needs of those most affected by conflict.

File:UN-Sicherheitsrat – UN Security Council – New York City – 2014 01 06.jpg” by Neptuul is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 .