Independent Diplomat’s first ever project was to advise the government, and later the multi-party negotiating team, of Kosovo before and during the process which culminated in Kosovo’s independence in 2008. 

This process was managed by the UN, but was steered politically by the Contact Group, a small group of six countries which dominated international decision-making on Kosovo and the South East European region.

Under the terms of UN Security Council Resolution 1244, the Kosovo government was not permitted any diplomatic representation or a foreign ministry, limiting its ability to gather information and interpret this sometimes secretive process which was nonetheless crucial to Kosovo’s future.

ID provided Kosovo with detailed information, analysis and advice on the intentions of and dynamics within the Contact Group and the various UN bodies involved, including the UN Special Envoy appointed to run the negotiation process, Martti Ahtisaari.  One of ID’s successes was to help the Kosovo Prime Minister address the UN Security Council for the first time on his country’s situation, a privilege which had previously been denied to Kosovo’s representatives.