ID assisted the Government of Moldova from October 2010 through September 2011 in its goals to move ahead quickly on European integration.

The Alliance for European Integration, a coalition of pro-reform parties which prevailed in several rounds of elections in 2009-2011, had prioritized relations with the EU as part of its general agenda of entrenching a lasting reform of the country’s economy and government structures.

ID advised the Chişinău government on the general question of its aspirations for EU accession, and the specifics of its particular concerns on a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area with the European Union; visa liberalization for Moldovans wishing to visit the Schengen countries; and joining the European Civil Aviation Area. Intelligence from ID’s EU networks covering these areas was transmitted to the Government, enabling better formulation of policy positions and targeting of efforts.

During the course of ID’s work with the Moldovan government, they became the front-runners among the EU’s eastern neighbors in their quest for visa liberalization, commenced negotiations on joining the European Civil Aviation Area and got a green light for the start of trade negotiations in late 2011. Moldova’s Association Agreement with the EU is due to come into force in 2014.